Temple of Plenty

by Somos

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Recorded Summer 2013 at Cannon Found Soundation Studios in Union City, NJ.
Produced and Engineerd by Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger.
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Cannon.
Vinyl Mastering by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers.

LP and digital available now.


released 25 March 2014
Michael Fiorentino - Vocals, Bass
Phil Haggerty - Guitar
Justin Hahn - Guitar
Evan Deges - Drums

Album art and layout by TJ Kelley III



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Domestic
Why'd you have to act on your anger?
Add a story of hurt to your name
Wide open space, you figured you grow
Trust me now, you were stronger then
Before you gave into despair
Traded your pride in for shame
From the passenger seat, you'll look out in fear

But there's no one to confide in

Pray on the defenseless, call it strength of the lowest order
Pray on the defenseless, and I'm glad I saw just how far you could drop off

Why'd you have to age and grow cynical
With small men who still cling to your name?
Clawing and fighting out towards the door
Which you've blocked with your white hot anger

Pray on the defenseless, call it strength of the lowest order

Rage takes the place of your once strong control
That you reach for with trembling hands
Track Name: Dead Wrong
Out of everyone I knew here
You were the honest one, yeah the honest one
Empire and a crown of thorns,
Today you get two for one
And the rope around your neck we'll call halo when you're gone
In front of the screen so long that your eyes fell out
Anything for your daily bread
Shirt tucked in, shaking hands
Till your arms fell off, till your arms fell off

Every station is broadcasting
It gets better and you can move on
But they're dead wrong
dead, dead, dead wrong.

A crowd trampling
The ever absent family
Weighing what to keep and what to throw away
Out of everyone I knew here
You were the honest, yeah the honest one

But you're arms fell off, yeah you're arms fell off.

Every station is broadcasting
It gets better and you can move on
But they're dead wrong
Dead, dead, dead wrong.
I don't belong, I don't belong.
I'm down again like I said I was, down again like I said I was.

I never knew that
Some things you can't turn away
your blanket's warm but
can it keep the frost at bay?
the heater's on

but will it stay that way?
seconds stretching out
a pattern crystalized
same 9 to 5
16 to 65
Track Name: Distorted Vision
Who knew it would come to this?
Old and boring adages
The poster that you've been staring at on the bathroom wall
As inspiration for each day of the week
To get you started on the path to prosperity
There's nothing like a shot in the arm of fake optimism
To distort your vision...

When you're on, no one can stand
When you're on, no one can stand
I'd like to share my thoughts
But then I'm just another interruption

You're just a holdout from another time
The yes men around you keep your head high
Out on a ledge again

Self-referential and effacing...

You might find, you might find
That I could see, I could see
Something that could never hang on a wall
Worth a thousand words of useless praise
A lifetime worth of accolades

There's enough hatred around
To paint this whole town or burn it all down
How long could your patience hold out
From the bottom of the pile?